Brandon Vestal New YouTube Special: ‘Positively Pessimistic’
UPDATED: July 31, 2023
UPDATED: July 31, 2023

Comedian Brandon Vestal’s latest comedy special, Positively Pessimistic, showcases the wit and humor that keeps audience members glued to their seats. The special, which was captured in the fall of 2022 at Stir Crazy in Phoenix, and produced by 800 Pound Gorilla showcases Vestal at his best, delivering his signature brand of stand-up comedy by exploring the absurdity of everyday life through a series of unique stories and insights.

From his experiences visiting Phoenix to his amusing observations on public bathrooms, Vestal’s unique comedic perspective is sure to evoke laughter and thought. The special also covers his memorable trip to Laughlin, Nevada, and an unfortunate encounter with American Airlines. His observations of the quirks and peculiarities of Las Vegas are both hilarious and thought-provoking.

Vestal has been making a name for himself in the comedy world, performing at clubs and festivals across the country. With Positively Pessimistic, he proves he is amongst the most talented and innovative comedians working today. The special has been praised for its sharp writing, clever observations, and Vestal’s impeccable delivery, making it a must-watch for comedy fans everywhere.

About Brandon Vestal

Brandon Vestal’s journey to becoming a prominent comedian in Los Angeles is a testament to his passion and dedication. Born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma, he knew from a young age that comedy was his calling. He started performing stand-up at the age of 17, and over the years, he honed his craft and developed his unique style of comedy.

When Brandon moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy full-time, he quickly made a name for himself in the city’s vibrant comedy scene. With his sharp wit and unparalleled ability to find humor in the darkest of situations, he has gained a significant following. He has performed at some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in the country and has been featured on various platforms, including Comedy Central, SiriusXM, and The Bob & Tom Show.

Brandon Vestal’s latest offering, Positively Pessimistic, is a testament to his comedic genius. This full comedy special captured in Phoenix in the fall of 2022 is a hilarious take on embracing cynicism and finding humor in the darker aspects of life. With his ability to make audiences laugh while also making them think, Brandon Vestal is a comedian to watch, and Positively Pessimistic is a must-see for anyone who loves great comedy.

Positively Pessimistic: A Deep Dive

Comedian Brandon Vestal’s new YouTube comedy special, Positively Pessimistic, is a deeply personal and honest look at life through the lens of a sardonic and sarcastic comedian. In this section, we will take a deep dive into the themes and style of the special.

Visiting Phoenix


When visiting Phoenix, one must consider the time of year, as temperatures can vary drastically. During the months of October through April, Phoenix provides a comfortable climate for visitors. However, the summer months, particularly July, can be overwhelmingly hot with temperatures soaring above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat in Phoenix is often described as intense, with the sun taking a keen interest in Arizona.

Walgreens and CVSs

An interesting observation about Phoenix is the seemingly abnormal quantity of Walgreens and CVS stores scattered around the city. This peculiarity may be a surprise to visitors, who may wonder about the connection between these abundant pharmacies and the city’s propensity to attract viruses.

Building Colors

Another distinctive feature of Phoenix’s architecture is its limited color palette. The buildings predominantly showcase beige, beiger, and beigest shades of paint. This color scheme might raise questions about whether Arizona made an agreement with America when it became a state, committing to use a specific amount of paint for the rest of time. Despite the monotonous colors, Phoenix remains an enticing destination for tourists seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation.

Airport Experiences

Burbank Bathroom

Brandon Vestal had quite the experience in the Burbank airport bathroom on his way to Arizona for his YouTube comedy special Positively Pessimistic. As he found himself in the restroom, he encountered a man peeing next to him at the urinal who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his experience. Fascinated by this man’s sensual approach to urination, Vestal was left wondering how to achieve the same satisfaction.

Flight Issues

Vestal’s travel to Arizona wasn’t all light-hearted encounters in bathrooms, though. He faced some serious hurdles when it came to American Airlines. The company’s poor performance left him questioning their name and ability to represent the United States. Vestal missed a gig as a result of a canceled flight due to protesting flight attendants. The frustration was enough to push him into a full-on confrontation with an airline worker, where he vehemently expressed his doubts about what it means to be “American Airlines.”

The comedian recognized the irony in his anger towards the airline’s inefficiency and lack of accountability, noting that in many ways, it embodies the American spirit. After all, frustrations with bureaucracy, broken promises, and inefficiencies are all too familiar for most Americans. Ultimately, despite the grievances with his flight, Vestal still managed to share his airport experiences and observations in his comedy special Positively Pessimistic.

Public Bathrooms

Comedian Brandon Vestal brings attention to the common issue many men face in public bathrooms, particularly at urinals. Men have likely encountered the perplexing problem of persistent puddles of urine on the floor in front of urinals. Vestal humorously ponders the possible reasons behind this phenomenon, questioning whether men have become so broken that they resign themselves to this unsanitary behavior.

Vestal suggests that men might think they have held on for long enough and do not wish to take the extra step towards the urinal, resulting in these unsightly and unhygienic puddles. He also relates this topic to the notion of compromise, where men might claim that they will stand for the national anthem, but still refuse to address their bathroom behavior or habits.

The common problem of ill-maintained public bathrooms highlights the need for a stronger sense of hygiene and responsibility among the users. A small effort, such as stepping a little closer to the urinal or wiping up any accidental spills, can significantly improve the overall condition of these shared spaces.

By shedding light on this widespread issue through humor, Vestal makes it more accessible and relatable for many individuals. Utilizing comedy, he not only entertains but also highlights an area where change can be made to promote better public sanitation and health.

Laughlin, Nevada Trip


During Brandon Vestal’s trip to Laughlin, Nevada, he mentioned the unusual experience of becoming the center of attention, receiving numerous compliments from the locals. People were fascinated by his clothing style, specifically the sleeves on his shirt. This attention left a lasting impression on Vestal, who felt like a celebrity in the town. The admiration he received gave him a newfound confidence, transforming his assumption about what it meant to be stylish and attractive.

Overheard Conversation

Vestal recounts a peculiar conversation he overheard while in Laughlin, further highlighting the unique nature of the town. Two men were talking about their various physical ailments, with one stating that he was unsure whether his pain was due to hard work or from being shot. The other man, equally puzzled, debated whether it was pure exhaustion or the wound that caused his distress. Brandon intervened, confidently asserting that the pain was most likely from the bullet wound. The men seemed to appreciate his input, referring to him as the “good looking dude with the sleeves.” This moment was just one of many odd encounters that made Laughlin, Nevada, a truly unforgettable experience for Vestal.

American Airlines Issues

In one of comedian Brandon Vestal’s latest performances in his YouTube comedy special Positively Pessimistic, he hilariously brings up the issues he encountered with American Airlines. According to Vestal, American Airlines is less than reliable when it comes to fulfilling their promises and providing quality service to their customers.

During his performance, Vestal shares a personal anecdote in which he missed a well-paying gig due to the cancellation of his flight. The reason for this unfortunate event? The flight attendants were protesting and did not show up for duty. Despite their absence, he argued that the flight could have proceeded if the pilots were still present. Vestal even went as far as offering to take on the responsibilities of handing out water to other passengers, demonstrating his frustration with American Airlines.

In his comedic act, Vestal also highlights the airline’s lack of communication and inefficiency. He jokes that if American Airlines represented the country in actual battles, they would have arrived late to every fight and delivered the necessary weapons to incorrect destinations, suggesting a need for better organization within the company.

The comedian’s encounter with American Airlines during his travel demonstrates just one individual’s experience with the airline company, but it surely resonates with many other passengers who have faced similar issues. Through humor, Vestal manages to shed light on the shortcomings of one of America’s major airlines, sparking a discussion on the importance of good service and efficient management in the aviation industry.

Las Vegas Trip

M and M Store

During his trip to Las Vegas, Brandon Vestal couldn’t help but notice the inexplicable popularity of the M and M store located next to the MGM. He observed that the store consistently had incredibly long lines, even though M and Ms are available almost everywhere. In disbelief, he confronted some of the store patrons to find out what their fascination was with the M and M store. All they could say was that they simply loved M and Ms. This baffling observation led him to ponder how these individuals must have reacted to the idea of a trip to Vegas, eagerly choosing the M and M store over other exciting attractions such as world-class entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife.

DJs in Las Vegas

As Brandon Vestal’s Las Vegas trip continued, he became equally perplexed by the staggering income that DJs in the city earn—approximately $60 million a year. He confessed that he didn’t even know what a DJ does. In an attempt to understand, he watched two documentaries about DJs but still remained unclear about their role in the entertainment industry. From what he could gather, a DJ plugs in their laptop, hits what appears to be the shuffle button, and then just agrees to everything that happens. Evidently, DJs have the ability to mesmerize the crowd, a skill that allows them to earn such impressive salaries.

Brandon’s Other Works

Brandon Vestal is a talented comedian who has been entertaining audiences for years. In addition to his latest offering, Positively Pessimistic, he has also been involved in other projects that have showcased his unique brand of humor. Here are some of his other works:

Man Up Stan Up

Brandon Vestal has appeared on the television series Man Up Stand Up, which aired on the Fox network. The show featured up-and-coming comedians performing their material in front of a live audience. Brandon’s appearance on the show helped to further establish him as a rising star in the comedy world.

Comedy Time TV

Brandon has also been featured on Comedy Time TV, an online platform that showcases some of the best up-and-coming comedians. His performances on the platform have been well-received, and have helped to introduce him to a wider audience.

Dry Bar Comedy

Raw Dog

Brandon has appeared on Raw Dog, a comedy channel on SiriusXM satellite radio. His appearances on the channel have included interviews and performances, and have helped to further increase his profile in the comedy world.

Brandon Vestal’s body of work is impressive and highlights his unique comedic style. Whether he is performing in front of a live audience or recording a comedy album, he always manages to connect with his audience and leave them laughing.

Final Thoughts

Brandon Vestal’s ability to find humor in everyday experiences and observations is what makes him a standout comedian. In his latest special, Positively Pessimistic, he takes the audience on a journey through his amusing encounters in Phoenix, Burbank, Laughlin, and Las Vegas.

From the abundance of Walgreens and CVSs in Phoenix to the mysterious queue at the M&M store in Las Vegas, Vestal’s storytelling is both relatable and hilarious. He pokes fun at the beige color schemes of buildings in Phoenix and shares his observations on the peculiar issue of men’s inability to pee properly in public restrooms. He even explores the idea of peeing sensually, much to the delight of the audience.

But it’s not just the humor that makes Vestal’s performance so captivating. It’s his ability to transform these seemingly mundane experiences into a passionately hilarious roller coaster ride. His detailed storytelling and witty remarks will undoubtedly leave the audience wanting more.

In a world that can often feel overwhelming, Positively Pessimistic is a refreshing reminder to find joy in the little things and embrace life’s ups and downs with a sense of humor. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh. This is a comedy special that you won’t want to miss.

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